How Mzee Ojwang' and Mama Kayai tickled Moi

Whenever he jumped on her, Moi's anger would fade

In Summary

• Moi would allow them to visit State House and his Nakuru home to perform for him

Vitimbi Actresses Nyasuguta with Mama Kayai
Vitimbi Actresses Nyasuguta with Mama Kayai
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Celebrated Vioja Mahakamani actress Mama Kayai has paid tribute to former President Daniel Moi.

Speaking in an interview with Ala C, Mama Kayai said Moi would allow them to visit State House and his Nakuru home to perform for him.

"He loved us for real. There were his employees, among them a man named Lee Njiru; every time they knew he was angry, they would look for us," she said.

"We would look for a skit, whether planned or unplanned, and act for him. He especially loved parts where Mzee Ojwang' would jump on me so that I carry him.

"We would be taken wherever Moi’s ‘anger’ would catch up with him.

Mama Kayai said even when Moi's wife died, they visited him.

"We were on our way to Kisumu but we decided to go to Kabarak and pass our condolences. He was called and he allowed us to come in. We never needed an appointment to see him."

During the interview, Mama Kayai also advised Kenyan creatives to live a life they can afford.

She said most creatives are falling into a depression since they are living fake lives.

"For example, I am just a normal person. I use motorbikes where necessary. I also call a cab where necessary," she said.

"The problem with some creatives is pretending that the cars they have hired are theirs.

"If you don’t have a car, you go to a car hire. When the money ends you go back to square one. People should learn to live within their means.

"If you don't have a car just use a motorbike and do your stuff. Who will know?"

She said some problems people are going through can be solved without having to put them on social media.

"Stop living another person's life and you will be happy," she said.

"I have seen so many artistes go to car hire and come brag to us about having a new car. Hawatushtui.”