Why Joyce Lay is no longer interested in politics

She was wounded by friends' betrayal and broke throughout her time as woman rep

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• She has declined a deputy governor's position in Taita Taveta

Joyce Lay
Joyce Lay
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Former Taita Taveta woman representative Joyce Lay says she is not running for any political seat.

Joyce said people she trusted turned against her and that was the scariest place in her life.

"To see your friend turning evil before your eyes. It's too early for me to go back now. It was too much for me. I lost everything. I had so much pain. I was shattered, broken, wounded and broke the whole time."

She added that she has been offered the deputy governor's position in Taita Taveta but she is at a different stage away from politics.

"This is where I'm happy most. So I want to hang around for a while and just enjoy the tranquillity. It's beautiful up here."

Joyce is currently in the gospel industry, where she said she is peaceful, and that she has forgiven all those who wronged her.

"I found my purpose and I have just started walking towards it. I'm not looking back. It's going to be glorious. I welcome you to start this journey #JewelWorld with me. I have forgiven and I'm now healed," she said.

"The moment I found my purpose to serve God, I chose not to be distracted. I want to see how far this ministry will go. I don't want to hurt myself again. I will take a different path to empower the people."

Joyce will share more details about her life in her soon-to-come YouTube channel called 'Jewel World'.

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