Msalame's son helped her overcome grief

The media personality lost her father 11 years ago

In Summary

• Grace said grief is a personal journey and getting to accept is the most difficult thing

Media personality Grace Msalame.
Media personality Grace Msalame.

Media personality Grace Msalame says her son has helped in overcoming the grief of losing her father 11 years ago.

In a Q&A session on her Instagram, a fan asked Grace to help them in overcoming grief after she lost her mum. 

"I looked for my father's presence and love from others when he left. In many ways, my son healed part of that loss but ultimately, be kind to yourself, healing takes time. The power of letting go isn't emphasised enough."

Grace welcomed her son Isaiah seven months ago.

She wrote, "Boy Mums, I had no idea boys change your character from the womb! I can’t explain how much more assertive and in charge I’ve been since my litu gift, which has always been a trait I’ve wanted and now here we are!"