Tahidi High actor Hiram was dumped days to his wedding

Someone should tell you why they are leaving to help you heal, he said

In Summary

• He said the girlfriend has never revealed why she decided not to wed him.

Actor Hiram Maina
Actor Hiram Maina
Image: Courtesy

Former Tahidi high actor Hiram Maina says he was dumped by his girlfriend a few days before his church wedding.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said he had done everything required before a wedding.

To date, he has never known why she decided to break his heart.

"I was in a serious relationship, I proposed and even went for family introductions and then she broke up with me," he said.

"She met me and told me she could not continue with the relationship. When I looked at her finger she did not have the engagement ring. I was crushed as I did not see it coming, everything stopped. We were planning our wedding to be in the next two months."

On how he healed after that, Hiram said he is a prayerful person so when she said she couldn't continue with the relationship, he accepted it as God’s purpose.

"Healing takes time. I still feel like she owes me an explanation. I tell people to be careful about how they end things. You should tell someone the reason you are breaking up with them, it helps one heal. If I knew the reason she left me, maybe I would have healed a long time ago."

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