Jamal: I was cheating on first wife before marrying Amber

He used to spend Sh50,000 per day on different women

In Summary

• He has since married Amber Ray as his second wife

Jamal Roho Safi
Jamal Roho Safi
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Businessman Jamal Roho Safi says he was cheating on his wife with many women before he settled on socialite Amber Ray.

In an interview with Jalang'o TV, Jamal said before he met Amber, he was living a very expensive life.

"I used to spend Sh50,000 per day on women. I had a lot of different women. My wife should know that Amber is a blessing. She came into my life and I changed a lot of things. I was a loner and that is the most dangerous man."

Jamal has married Amber Ray as his second wife.

He told Jalang'o he has changed his philandering behaviour and has even given Amber all his social media passwords to manage them.

"Men have a 'whore phase', where they sleep with different women for no reason. It is better to have two official wives than have many women. Life has no rehearsals and if you have a second wife, keep it official."

During the interview, Jamal also revealed he has bought Amber a house in Nairobi.

"Amber was not comfortable living near my wife in Syokimau but I told her to stay but I have bought her a house in Hurlingham, which she will move into after it is completed."

Jamal's first wife Amira said she has been together with Jamal for 17 years and will not be leaving her marriage.

"My wife knew about our relationship with Amber after photos of us in Mombasa were leaked. She asked me and I apologised, but since my family loves her, she poisoned them with different stories. I had to go public and make it official."

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