I've found love: Kiengei's ex-wife flaunts new man

Comedian was quick to point out her new man is also a divorcee

In Summary

• Keziah had been heartbroken by Kiengei's remarrying but has now followed suit

Kiengei's ex-wife Keziah with her new man
Kiengei's ex-wife Keziah with her new man
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Comedian Muthee Kiengei's ex-wife Keziah Kariuki has found love after the two divorced five years ago.

Keziah had said Kiengei broke her heart by marrying another woman, even though they had a church wedding.

They had a daughter together when they separated. Kiengei in a past interview addressed that, saying he is not a priest.

"It was my decision to marry because I am not a priest that I should not marry. My life should not stop and hers as well," he said.

"Our agreement still remains the same about our child, who is living with motherly and fatherly love, as she could have lived even if we were still together. We talk and share what we have."

Now, both have found love after Keziah recently paraded her new man on her Facebook page.

"Happiness and peace of mind is all that counts. Not about anybody’s opinion but how you feel. Thank you God for this far. I found love," she wrote.

Reacting to his ex's post, Kiengei made several posts before deleting some.

In one of the posts, Kiengei, who is also a pastor in AIPCA church Gatundu, said he was hurt and that he did not know how to handle the situation.

"God knows how to plan things. I pray that when I die, I remain yours. Pastor Ben, please serve God for he is the one who protects you from your enemies. Now I have one wife, are you all happy?"

Thanking God for a successful day, he revealed that the new man to his ex-wife is also a divorcee.

"A Good day it Has been...we Thank God for keeping us alive...I welcome all criticism and cyberbullying towards me concerning my former marriage," he wrote.

"My only question is one, I divorced Keziah five years ago and I happily moved on, her new love divorced two years ago and they are now Happily Moving on...why am I the only victim?

"Enjoy your night great people. Pastor Ben is okay. Please use this post for your final comments concerning pastor Ben. Everything allowed."