Nyashinski's wife opens healthy living page

Decision comes after a lot of personal debate about sharing her transformation

In Summary

• Healthy eating and workouts have helped her lose weight after childbirth

Nyashinski with bae during dowry ceremony
Nyashinski with bae during dowry ceremony
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Nyashinki's wife Zia Bett is opening a page on social media,, where she will be talking about healthy eating and workouts she incorporates.

Zia revealed the plan a week after sharing a before and after picture of her weight loss. Nyashinski and his wife Zippy are parents of a one-year-old son, and the journey as parents has been kept under wraps.

She wrote, "I've really debated posting this transformation, only cause I can't believe that's how I'd been walking these streets and no one told me but honestly, after bringing life to this world, anything beyond taking care of a newborn is a favour though for me."

Adding, "I vividly remember looking in the mirror and just hating how I looked and felt. I didn't wanna feel like that anymore. I knew I could look better, I knew I could feel better."