Gukena's Kajim set to hold dowry ceremony

He counts it as a blessing after MCeeing other people's weddings

In Summary

• He said it is his way of appreciating his girlfriend

Gukena's Kajim with his fiancee Silvana Wambui
Gukena's Kajim with his fiancee Silvana Wambui
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Gukena FM’s breakfast co-host James Muiru, alias MC Kajim, is set to wed his girlfriend Silvana Wambui.

Before the wedding, which will take place later this year, Kajim will hold a dowry payment ceremony this weekend on Saturday at Kamwangi Primary School grounds, Gatundu North, Kiambu county.

Speaking to Word Is, Kajim said he counts the milestone as a blessing.

"I am the first person to hold a wedding in my family and I count this as a blessing. I have been MCeeing for people's weddings and parties and so this will be an honour for someone else to do it for me."

The veteran MC said the ceremony is also his way of appreciating his girlfriend and to let her know how much he appreciates her.

"To our parents, I really appreciate that they raised us on a Godly foundation. I would also like to encourage other parents not to give up on their children. It is never too late for them but also they should not give pressure on them."

Mugiithi hitmaker Samidoh, Jose Gatutura and Salim Young are among the artistes who will perform at the event. The MC will be Muthee Kiengei.