Akothee saved Sh2 million monthly bills during Covid

She no longer needed to fly around all the time with an entourage

In Summary

• Her monthly bills reduced from Sh3.5 million to Sh1.5 million

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Akothee has been saving millions since the pandemic hit. The singer told Lupita Nyong'o in an Instagram live session that her bills reduced since she has been spending time in the house.

"I was just all over the place for nothing and my bills reduced from Sh3.5 million a month to Sh1.5 million, Covid really toned me down," she said over the weekend.

Adding, "I really grew. I got time to bond with my kids apart from the one living in France because of the lockdown. I realised I didn't need a lot of people around me. Before, I would walk around with not less than 10 people because I have no freedom."

Before Covid, Akothee says she was booking flights every other time as her schedule was tight.

"After Covid, I actually found out I can stay in my house for a whole month, and it gave me the opportunity to even think much more. I identified the kind of a person I am. I worked on my emotions and developed quite a lot," she said.

"In each and every situation, there has to be a solution. Covid was a curse and a blessing at the same time."

Lupita, on the other hand, said the lockdown made her realise how much she misses her family. "So I speak to my family everyday. I try and spend as much time with them as possible and that has been a great change," she said.

"The world was moving so fast, you don't have time for the people you love and when it shuts down, you realise that's all that matters. It re-prioritised how I spend time with my family."

Akothee and the Oscar award-winning star were speaking about her children's book 'Sulwe'.

Speaking about melanin, Akothee revealed that she once was tempted to bleach her skin.

"I tried to change my skin colour. We were living in Nairobi. I was still married  and I used to go to church and see all these light-skin mothers," the 'Give It To Me' hitmaker said.

"I didn't know they were Bantus, it's adaptation features of surviving in this planet earth. That's why most Nilotes are dark, because of too much sun."

'Sulwe' will be animated to become a Netflix film.