Wahu and Nameless in 'This Love' singles

Couple have featured Bien and Chiki in new singles

In Summary

• They alternately sing about the hardships and joys of relationships

Nameless with Wahu
Nameless with Wahu
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Nameless and his wife Wahu have released singles titled “This Love ya Nameless” and “This Love ya Wahu”.

In her music video, Wahu has used Bien as his video king, while Nameless used Chiki, Bien's wife, as his video vixen.

Nameless talks about the hardships relationships go through, and the hurt and pain one experiences as a result. Wahu on the other hand appreciates the beauty and joys of a relationship, which elevates her wisdom in love.

The songs are part of a unique project that brings together the couple on talking about the two extremes of love: the difficult moments, to the rosy and happy.

The two video storylines creatively intertwine with each other.