I dated a violent, married politician — Karen Nyamu

She will never marry because of the experience, termed Samidoh 'friend'

In Summary

• The mother of two said the politician was violent and very obsessive

Politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu says she dated a violent politician, and it changed her mind about ever getting married.

Karen said she was in her early 20s and the politician was already married. She said she was working in his company and so she could not just walk out of the relationship.

"I love having children and getting a family is a good thing, but I have decided to never get married based on my experience," she told Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo yesterday.

The mother of two said there were insecurities and obsessiveness, and the politician also turned out to be very violent. She was in her early 20s and the man was in government then.

Karen, who vied for Nairobi woman representative in 2017, said the politician made her feel very insecure with men.

Asked whether she reported the matter to the police, Karen said she was afraid.

"I was very young and the guy was famous. I felt very intimidated that even if I report, nothing would be done to him, and so I did not report. I thank God I left the relationship."

Karen is currently alleged to be dating Mugithi star Samidoh and that the two welcomed a son called Sam Junior.

Karen set the record straight, saying that Samidoh is a “friend”, a very “good friend”.

"I don’t care what people say about me, I don’t have the time, they can say all they want. I know my truth, I know him as a man who loves his wife and family."

Asked if she knows Samidoh's wife, Karen said, "Yes, I know her, but our circles are different and I know she has no beef with me. Because she knows the truth. She knows Samidoh is my friend."

What about the video of herself with Samidoh in Dubai together?

"Samidoh is my friend. I thought I would post it like my friend but kwa comments, ilileta mambo mingi and because when posting the video, that was not my intention, I decided to pull it down. I had to consider that he is a brand. And normally I don’t delete content, but I saw his family would be affected."

Last year, Word Is reached out to Samidoh, who said Karen is his friend. "She is just my big fan."