Stop mixing celeb status with faith, says Ben Pol

He does not want to be judged by his actions as a celebrity

In Summary

• Ben Pol says as a celebrity's mistakes are magnified and taken out of context

Singer Ben Pol
Singer Ben Pol
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Tanzanian singer Ben Pol is disappointed at some of his fans for associating his public life with his faith.

Ben Pol converted to Islam a few months ago but has never said a thing about it until during a recent interview with E FM.

"Linking Ben Pol the celebrity to my faith was a big mistake people made," he said.

In his explanation, he said he wanted his religious life to stay private, without any interference or judgment from his celebrity life.

"Someone like me who is known compared to an ordinary person, they have the privilege of making as many mistakes as they can and get away with it, you know. But as a celebrity, everything you do is under scrutiny," he said.

"You make one mistake and the mistake is seen by millions of people. A celebrity is as an entity, for instance, the President's office or government property, or since we are here, like E FM, you cannot associate it with religion."

Ben Pol added that whatever happens at his place of worship should stay there, and he does not have to attach that to his celebrity side.

"I'm tired of having to separate the two and with all due respect would wish to stop talking about it."

Ben Pol was recently called out for applying polish on his nails.