Tedd asks celebrities to speak out on health crisis

In Summary
  • Faults political class for failing Kenyans.
Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah
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Music producer Tedd Josiah has called out celebrities on their silence as the county suffers a health crisis.

Tedd shared a video on Instagram in which he faulted the political class for failing Kenyans.

He said those who have a voice are silent and letting everyone else down.


"Any Kenyan is entitled to good healthcare according to the Kenyan Constitution. Hakuna mahali inasema certain diseases cannot be treated.


"All of us fall sick and we don't have money to travel to Dubai. All we do is pray to God to get good treatment."

He talked of the brain drain back during the Moi era when many professionals sought better opportunities abroad as there was no support in the country.

"Things are not okay when a young doctor, only 28 years old, serves you until he dies and cannot access health insurance, has not been paid a salary and leaves dependants with no way out!"