My kids were accused of being Illuminati, says Akothee

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  • Asks cyberbullies to back off because they drive many people to suicide.
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Singer Akothee has advised parents to always listen to their children.

In a long post, the single mother of five wrote that her daughters were bullied at school and their schoolmates branded them Illuminati.

"If a child tells you she doesn’t like a certain school or environment, please take note of what she is saying, she could be receiving pressure from, school mates, teachers.


"When my kids were still in primary school, some teachers judged them based on their family background, some fellow students accused them of Illuminati because their mother came to school with a big black car full of foodstuffs and what they heard their parents discuss at home or read on media."

Akothee said her lastborn daughter, Fancy, started falling behind in school.

"She is fragile based on the fact that my marriage was dissolved when she was hardly five and this left a heavy impact on her.

"It’s sad as parents ruining our own children’s lives by breaking up and not taking charge of walking them through divorce or breakup most children raised in a broken family domestic violent families are very fragile."

She asked cyberbullies to back off because they drive many people to suicide.

"It is devilish and unacceptable. If you feel threatened in anyway as a teenager please call 116. I am a product of cyberbullying and I know what impact it has brought to my family. Protect your family like you would protect your heart."