Boomerang to premier kids singing Swahili tune 'Furaha'

The composition is by Hugh Davidson and Nekoye Ommeh

In Summary

• The tunes are sweet and authentic and will help kids learn in their own language

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Boomerang will release the last four songs from the second edition of the Boomerang Tunes playlist, sung in English, Pidgin English and Kiswahili, on December 4.

Kicking off the fun fest is 'Furaha', a Swahili composition by Hugh Davidson and Nekoye Ommeh, both accomplished artistes in their own right.

Hugh said he had a blast and it's really fun being more playful with music. "There was also the added benefit of working on songs in isiZulu and isiXhosa, so I got to work on my language skills a bit more as well."


Nekoye Ommeh, a Kenyan artiste, has showcased her work in different corners of the world and launched her debut album, titled ‘Baba Speaks’, in 2010. 

She said, "Boomerang Tunes are sweet and authentic, and it has been a whimsical experience creating them. More kids across Africa can play and learn in their mother tongue."

Others include 'Best Friends' (Nigerian Pidgin), launching on December 11, and 'My Big Family' (English), launching on December 27.