Baby mama king: I'm for the husbandless

Socialite Pretty Mike has been sued after parading six pregnant women as his

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• Naija star caused a stir at a wedding with all-pregnant entourage

Socialite Pretty Mike posses with his six pregnant women
Socialite Pretty Mike posses with his six pregnant women
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Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike, who caused a stir at a wedding by showing up with six pregnant women claiming they were all carrying his children, has been sued.

Speaking to Mpasho Live on Wednesday, he said he could not respond to whether all the six women are carrying his children since the issue is in court.

"That is a question I’m not willing to get involved with now because there are some controversies around it. In fact, there is a small legal case going on about it."


"To me, it is all fun and dandy, at the end of the day a DNA test will clarify everything. But that is a different story for a different day."

So, is he married to multiple women or he is single?

"Currently, am I married? No. Am I in a relationship? I mean, hey! I’m in relationships, so it depends on what your definition of relationship is, but it is what it is, I’m Pretty Mike."

Mike added that we are in a modern world where sometimes we don’t have to be married for someone to be pregnant for you or live with you.

"Are they my wives? No. I’m the husband to the husbandless."

Mike had told his Instagram followers the photo was "no film trick... we are just living our best life".

Describing the women as his "six baby mothers to be", he was filmed feeling each of their baby bumps as they waited in line at the wedding.


He was reportedly arrested in 2017 for putting female guests in chains and walking them on leashes to a wedding.

During the live conversation with Mpasho, some Kenyans women were asking him to impregnate them.

Pretty Mike said he is living life to the fullest and having fun.

"My DM has been on fire with ladies from Kenya. I heard there are some beautiful ladies in Kenya. I haven’t been to Kenya but it is on my list of places to go, once I have someone invite me. I did not know I had fans there."

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