Mulamwa's Twitter account suspended

He vented about people bringing him down out of malice

In Summary

• Some social media users reported it for unusual activity

Image: Courtesy

Comedian Mulamwah's Twitter account was suspended after some people ganged up against him and reported it.

Ranting on his Instagram page, the comedian said he does not have access to his account after other social media users reported it for unusual activity.

This prevented him from posting his client's work, thus not meeting their needs.

He warned fans against using their own selfish needs to bring other people's hard-earned work down.

"Life is never a seesaw that if I go down, you go up," he wrote.

He promised to continue posting his work on other social media platforms.

"If I fail, its not just me; many others that rely on me fail, too. It's frustrating to always try to make people happy, the same ones that struggle to make you sad."