What kind of man Instagrams at 5am? Esma explains divorce

When she avoided him online, Msizwa asked bloggers to post him instead

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• Esma accuses ex-hubby of being addicted to IG to the point of waking early for it

Esma Khan
Esma Khan
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Esma Khan, Diamond Platnumz’s sister, has blamed Instagram addiction by her now former husband Msizwa for their divorce.

The two parted ways three months after her lavish wedding to him as his third wife.

"Ndio, nimeachika. I am single," she wrote on Instagram. And in an interview with Wasafi TV, she said they had been fighting over his newfound love for social media.


"When I started dating Msizwa, he was not a social media person," she said.

"I think he was just acting because when we’d take pictures, he would refuse and stay aside. I wanted a gentleman, who is not into photos and social media."

Esma says what pissed her off the most was when her hubby inboxed a blogger, asking to be posted on the platform.

"When we got married, we started quarrelling because he was too much into Instagram. Imagine when we were dating, he wasn’t an Instagram person. He started changing. I would wake up at 5am and find him on Instagram," she said.

"I stopped posting him on Instagram and he started DMing bloggers to post him. He disappointed me. It means he is inboxing many other people."

Esma added that she didn’t want an Instagram man.

"If I wanted that, I’d look for that. That will destroy our marriage. So I decided to leave him with his Instagram," she said.


"I wanted my marriage to be private, not out there. I want to live my life and publicise my business. I have spoken to him many times about this but he didn’t listen. That is what he loves. I don’t want him to be fighting with people on social media."

The two tied the knot in a private, lavish wedding that was attended by celebrities and aired live on TV. Msizwa’s two other wives are based in South Africa.

The former husband was also interviewed but denied all the allegations by Esma.

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