Isabella Kituri: I took 14 years to love again

She mourned her first husband for over eight years

In Summary

• She lost her spouse to colon cancer in 2005, a year after their marriage

Media personality Isabella Kituri
Media personality Isabella Kituri
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Media personality Isabella Kituri has given hope to widows who have lost hope of loving again.

Speaking to Massawe on Radio Jambo, she said it took her 14 years to love again.

She lost her spouse to colon cancer in 2005, a year after their marriage. She was only 25 at the time, with a three-month-old baby boy.


The mother of two said she mourned her first husband for over eight years and finally married again.

She described her husband as a calm and respectful man.

"I opened my heart to love but I would like to tell people to wait on God and be patient," she said.

The Swahili TV presenter added her husband is a private person who fell in love with her authentic self and not the gorgeous public figure people see on TV.

"He does not watch television, so he did not know I used to be on TV. He fell in love with me as a person and not the Isabella people see on the television."

"We met in different hustles and also I had prayed to God to give me a person who will not get attracted to me because of my job."

She said she still uses her first husband's name to protect her brand. "After 16 years using the same name, it means most people know me by it," she said, adding that she had tried dropping the name for some time but decided to continue using it.


In an earlier interview, Isabella said her husband started complaining of serious stomach aches a month after the birth of their son. They sought help from different doctors but no medicine ever brought relief.

They later learnt that the cause of all their problems was cancer. She was left with wounds in her heart that took nearly a decade to heal.

She welcomed her second-born daughter last year.