I was expelled for imitating principal, says Kate Actress

Head teacher was not impressed by her stunt

In Summary

• Mrs Riungu told her mum there could not be two principals in the same school

Kate Actress
Kate Actress
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Actress Catherine Kamau, alias Kate Actress, says she was expelled from high school after imitating the principal.

Speaking in an interview with comedian MC Jessy, the mother of two said her good days at Chogoria Girls High School were cut short after she was caught by the principal imitating her.

"In form three I was expelled because of acting. It was at 4 am and I was bored in class," she said.


"Our headmistress used to cover herself with a blanket as she went around the school so that in case she found anyone sleeping, she would send them home. I also woke one day with a blanket and decided to imitate her, and she was very mad."

She said the principal, who was known as Mrs Riungu, told her mum there was no way they were going to be two [principals] in the same institution, and so she had to leave.

"I remember her telling my mum, 'She is now the principal of this school. She is the one commanding this school. I can't talk when she is talking.' That is how I had to leave."

During the interview, she said her 14-year-old boy asks about his dad and being a responsible mum, she explained to him what transpired. "My son used to refer to my husband as Phil. He called him dad when we were almost getting married," she said.

"He does ask about his dad, especially now that he is a teenager. I sat him down and I told him what happened but when the time comes and he wants to know him, I will allow it. I still get in touch with the guy."