Kforce back with 'Fathela' album

He has 'single-handedly' brought back commercial street hip hop

In Summary

• It's for fans who've backed true Kenyan hip hop and the culture since its dark days

Hip-hop singer Kforce
Hip-hop singer Kforce
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Hip hop artiste Kayvo Kforce is set to release a comeback album titled 'Fathela'.

The title of the 12-track album is coined from a popular Kenyan Urban street slang meaning leader, father figure, big brother, mentor or OG, depending on the context.

Speaking to Word Is, Kforce said he is here to create the balance in Kenyan hip hop.


"I needed to put namba nane [Kibera] back on the map, where it's supposed to be," he said.

"A lot has been said over the years but I'm still here terrorising the hip hop game. My new album is proof I still carry the hip hop torch in Kibera and that I'm on a national and international conquest mission."