Kansiime found love while ‘splashing money’ on drinks

They had the 'worst first kiss' but it didn't stop their love flourishing

In Summary

• The comedian was drinking when Skylanta came with her sister

Kansiime with her current boyfriend Skylanta
Kansiime with her current boyfriend Skylanta
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Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime and her fiancee Skylanta met in a club.

The two have been giving fans a glimpse into their relationship. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Skylanta said, "I met her in a bar and that night, she was buying alcohol.

"I was like, I came to spend money but if this celebrity is splashing money, why not?"

Kansiime said she had come to the club to meet her sister but the sister came with Sky, whom she used to do music with.

Not revealing much, the two said their first kiss was horrible. "We had the worst first kiss."

They have been dating for more than a year. This is after Kansiime's relationship with ex-husband Gerald Ojok collapsed in mid-2017 amid infidelity claims.

Kansiime, however, dismissed the allegations, saying one of the reasons was because she rushed into it and in the end, it didn’t work.

"There was no infidelity in the marriage on my part. On his part, not unless we call him," Kansiime said in a previous interview.