Why Kabi WaJesus quit alcohol

His health was jeopardised when he contracted tuberculosis

In Summary

• He blames lack of role models for turning into alcoholic and smoker

Kabi Wa Jesus with his wife Milly
Kabi Wa Jesus with his wife Milly

Content creator Kabi, alias Kabi WaJesus, says he quit alcohol after he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Speaking to comedian Jalang'o, Kabi said before getting saved, he was an alcoholic and used to smoke cigarettes and even marijuana and it took him getting sick to stop.

"I don’t drink because I don't feel like I don't want alcohol, no. I have a story behind it," he said.

The father of one was born and raised in Kayole. He did not have role models and this contributed a lot to his decision.

Kabi was a bus conductor, where he could make money daily. "Before 2013, I was not born again. Nilikuwa mlevi sana and in 2011, nilipata TB, nikaambiwa niwache pombe na sigara na hizo vitu na bangi,” he said.

Kabi is currently creating content on social media with his wife Milly WaJesus.