Mother's tears broke my heart, says Waititu

Prayers helped her overcome after she broke up with baby daddy last year

In Summary

• Vitriol from haters after her breakup with Frankie Just Gym it made her mother cry

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu
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Media personality and YouTuber Maureen Waititu says the worst thing she faced after marital failure was her mother crying over what haters were saying.

Maureen contemplated suicide twice after her marriage with Frankie 'Just Gym It' Kiarie failed.

In an interview with MC Jessy on YouTube, she said prayers helped her overcome.

“I will get personal. I was on anti-depressants since September 2019," she said. Those drugs can help relieve symptoms of depression and social anxiety disorder.


"I was suicidal, I was gone. I attempted twice. You reach a place and you’re like, what else? It is the worst place to be. It took my entire support system."

The mother of two added that she is in a clique of six girls and two are very close. "They would even come and take my kids, one each for me to catch a breath. My entire support system has made me stop crying tears of pain. These days I cry tears of joy,” she said.

Maureen says she was a prayerful woman and that’s what keeps her going, adding that she is born again.

“I do not think people know I am born again and very Godly. What people also do not know is I have an army," she said.

"When I am broken and crying at 1am, some people will show up and pray with me. If it wasn’t for prayers, Jessy, I would be dead right now. And not dead in an accident but because of all the stress I have taken in. There is power in prayer.”

She says her family was also devastated by what people were saying about her.

"The other day my mum called me crying, my family is devastated. She called me crying and told me I am her baby and she knows what I am going through, but I should let go and let God handle it," she said.


"I was not okay. I was like if my family is feeling this way, I was wondering how can I be there for them? Seeing your mum cry is the worst thing. Imagine your mum crying because of what people say about you.” 

Maureen is raising her two sons from her failed marriage, while her baby daddy Frankie has moved on. He is expecting a baby with Corazon Kwamboka.