Tedd to women after MCA assault: Say no to violence

Mlango Kubwa MCA Patriciah Mutheu was brutally assaulted by police on Tuesday

In Summary

• He says it’s high time women took a stand and said no to violence

Mlango Kubwa MCA Patriciah Mutheu
Mlango Kubwa MCA Patriciah Mutheu

Businessman and music producer Tedd Josiah is among the many Kenyans who have called out police for brutally beating up Mlango Kubwa MCA Patricia Mutheu on Tuesday.

Taking to social media, Tedd Josiah shared a snippet of the video, saying it’s high time women took a stand and said no to violence.

"I always keep it clean, keep it positive, and always keep it loving, but what clean, positive, loving caption can I give this? I want all the people who speak up against violence against women to pick this up," he wrote.

"Violence against women doesn’t only happen in the home, women face it at work, on the streets, in the corridors of power and everywhere they go. These are very dark men with very dark souls broken and being used to cut everything they touch."

Tedd further added that Kenyans should let the leaders know it is a bad idea and the entire police force needs to understand that each and every one of them came from a woman’s body.

"Respect our women. These policemen must be violent at home. This is a picture of what they do in their houses," he said.

"So take a moment, ladies, and think: Are u safe in this space you call home (Kenya). And should u pretend nothing happened….? We saw a cop drag a woman with his bike just last month. Ladies, take a stand."

The DPP has assured Kenyans action is being taken against the officers.