Judge Jo-1 ventures into music

She has released a single meant to uplift people from Covid blues

In Summary

• No matter what has happened in your life, you can get up and dance again, she says

Judge Jo-1
Judge Jo-1
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Former Sakata Mashariki judge Jo-1, a multi-talented dancer and choreographer, has released her single, 'Tired feet'.

Jo-1 emerged as a breath of fresh air in the dance industry, generating her a beloved fan base.


"Tired feet is a reggae song that offers hope and encouragement during this time of Covid-19," she said in a statement.

"It addresses the tough situation among artistes and specifically dancers during this time.

"It also highlights the increased alcohol drinking levels and relationship/marriage upsets during these tough times. Telling the listener that no matter what has happened in your life, even if your feet are tired, you can get up and dance again."

Your dreams are safe here. You can get up and dance again. Will be available on Spotify and other platforms from 2nd August Songwriter, Artist, and musical arrangement by Jo-1 (Joanne Ball-Burgess). ☆ Ammi The VEGGIE MAN: Executive Producer ☆ Recording Studio: Truth Fire Studio ☆ Mixmaster Chao. IG handle: mixmaster_chao ☆ BGVs names: Mary Awino Nyawacha, IG: mariah_ngomma and Lisa Tracey lyanga, IG: lyangalisa ☆ Mixing and Mastering: Decimal Studios Location credits: Special thanks to @@aerialflowsanctuary for the use of their studio during the music video recording. Dressed by @afrocessoriesco and @imasoldada