TPF star Linda explains why she left Nyambane

Says polygamous relationships are lonely.

In Summary
  • The artist says she took a break from music because she needed time to pray and reinvent herself.
  • Linda encourages girls to avoid being side chicks.
Linda Muthama.
Linda Muthama.

Gospel singer and former Tusker Project Fame contestant Linda Muthama is back to making music, 15 years after producing her album Imagination

Linda says her new hit Asante Yesu, featuring Josh of the former music duo Amos and Josh, is a testimony of what God has done.

Speaking to Word Is she said she has been through hell and high waters but God has seen her through it all.

"My lowest moment was when I could not afford my rent and moved from a house where I paid Sh80,000 to a Sh13,000 house although I was still working hard," she said.

The artist said she took a break from music because she needed time to pray and reinvent herself.

Linda came into the limelight when she featured in the Tusker Project Fame show.

She says her marriage overshadowed everything else. Linda was the second wife of comedian Walter Mong'are, aka Nyambane.

"While TPF was a big story for me...dating Walter overshadowed it. Years later away from him the story still resurfaced yet I am not the first to leave a relationship. I remember reading The Polygamist, Husband Snatchers, etc," she said.

But that was her past and she wishes to put it behind her. "I lived it and it ended. Today, I rise stronger. Some choices we make in life can really pull you back," she said.

"Today I am called the mother, the worshiper, the sister, the friend, the teacher, my mentor." 

She walked out of her relationship with Nyambane because she was lonely.
Linda said polygamous relationships are lonely. "My relationship, like any other, had its rules and expectations. However it is said your heart doesn’t care about your rules," she said.




"Adults are like children only older. There is an innate desire to settle and to be. However, if this is not met because the partner has to attend to many other commitments it gets lonely. Especially then because I was pregnant." 

Linda encourages girls to avoid being side chicks.

"There is a better way. A woman must work and be able to stand by herself. It is OK to start small," she said

The song's video will be released on July 14.

"I have released songs before but this Asante Yesu is close to my heart. I have never listened to my songs the way I do now."