AfroStingz releases 'She don't Know'

It is the premier single off their Afrostringz EP scheduled for release in 2021

In Summary

• Song blends Afrobeat with a fusion of African music and string sounds


Nigerian producer Young D and Grammy winner Miri Ben-Ari, better known as AfroStringz, have launched their first single, 'She don’t know'.

It is about the girl next door and a boy who secretly developed a crush on her but didn't know about his special feelings for her.


The video captures moments of secret love between five people who hang out in a studio.

Speaking about the song, Afrostringz said they are the first artiste group to combine African music and violin as a "sound".

"It is a powerful multicultural experience, whether in the studio or live performance, that has no limits. This is the power of music," he said.

"AfroStringz represents a philosophy: mixing the rhythm of Africa with the sound of Stringz to create harmony through music and bridge between communities.”