Joyce Gituro to host 'Injili Jumapili' on Radio Jambo

She termed return to gospel shows a confirmation that God wants her to serve Him

In Summary

• The show begins this Sunday and will run from 5-10am

Joyce Gituro
Joyce Gituro

Media personality Joyce Gituro has joined Radio Jambo family. Joyce will now be hosting a Sunday show titled 'Injili Jumapili' (Gospel Sunday), slotted for the hours between 5-10am.

The show begins this Sunday June 7. It is about spreading the word of God.

Speaking to Word Is, the Swahili presenter said joining the show is a calling.


"I have been trying to run away from gospel shows for quite a while but God always returns me. It's a confirmation that He wants me to serve Him," she said.

Joyce, who served in management posts, initially says she thought she would not be on air again until when God talked to her in a dream.

"I had decided to concentrate on management but one day, the voice of God came in a dream and told me to spread his word. I was worried because I had put someone to do the gospel show," she said.

She did not know how to approach the person she had assigned her show but God told her He would sort that out.

"When I went to work on Monday, the lady I had put to sit in for me said she needed time to prepare for her wedding. That was a confirmation that God wanted me to be in that show," she said.

Joyce ended up going back to doing the show.


A few months ago, Joyce quit her media job to concentrate on spreading the word of God via her social media platforms.


She says she quit being on-air after serving the industry for 20 years.

"I told God now that He had let me go, I would preach His word on my social media platform. I am sure you will not surprise me again," she said.

When the Radio Jambo job opportunity to do a gospel show came, Joyce says she knew it was God who still wanted her to serve Him. 

"I took the opportunity gladly. It's a good platform and I just want to spread the word as He has commanded me to do," she said.

Joyce promises her fans a lot of Bible studies and inspirational words.

"My fans should understand that I deal with the real gospel and I am coming to the show as an evangelist to serve Him," she said.

She said her family has been supportive of her ministry.