Steph Kapela releases 'Vikky Secrets' album

It talks love, lust and longing, which bespeaks emotions of isolation with loved ones

In Summary

• Nine-track album lets the listener into the good, the bad and the ugly of a relationship


Steph Kapela has released his much-anticipated album 'Vikky Secrets',  an introspective perspective of love.

The album talks topics like intimacy, chasing fantasies and regret of lost love.

Kapela said in a statement, "This album for me at least is the right album for the now. I needed to find myself, find the love again.

"I wanted to hold nothing back and deal with all of it, love, lust and longing, and I feel many people need that right now, especially being isolated with their loved ones.

"It's good to explore how things go right and how they go wrong and just maybe find a way through it."

The nine-track album pulls back the curtain and lets the listener into the good, the bad and the ugly sides of a relationship.

The sound of the album is a cocktail of trap, hip hop, RnB and Afropop dance anthems.

"The production is a collaboration on an international scale. Several highly skilled and passionate professionals worked on the audio production of this project," Kapela said.