I got paid: Magix Enga backs off on infringing 6ix9ine hit

Song had garnered over 200 million views when it was pulled down

In Summary

• It was the biggest song delete by Magix Enga but didn't last long

Magix Enga
Magix Enga
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Kenyan music producer Magix Enga took down American hip hop star Tekashi 6ix9ine’s music video for 'Gooba' from YouTube for copyright infringement.

In a social media post, he warned, “Don’t sample my beats. Biggest song delete by Magix Enga.”


The takedown did not take long as 6ix9ine’s team filed a counter claim. Hours after Magix Enga’s claim, the music video was back streaming on YouTube, garnering over 200 million views.


Magix reacted to this by posting a video on Twitter and called the American rapper “stupid”.

The American rapper took to his Instagram to gloat. He wrote, “I know ya dead mad right now.”

The video for 'Gooba' is 6ix9ine’s first post-prison song after he was arrested and charged for racketeering.

Enga then revealed he was paid and will use the money to help the needy during this pandemic.

"About the story that is trending, y’all need to know that he did note sample my beats, he used just one of my sample kits. I have my own sample kits and I uploaded them six years ago. Only producers can understand this.

"'So YouTube had to take that song down, and because I don’t want to fight I decided to put that song back on YouTube after receiving some cash and I want to give that money to those who can’t afford a meal today' he wrote on Instagram."