'Tutaonana' is a tribute to my dad, says Kambua

She felt like a switch had gone off in her life when he died

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• It comes after God 'slowly started to lift the darkness away from my heart'

Gospel musician Kambua
Gospel musician Kambua
Image: Douglas Okiddy

Gospel artiste and media personality Kambua says the death of her father Prof Manundu took a toll on her music career.

In a recent YouTube interview, Kambua opened up on how she finally managed to rise again to the point of releasing 'Tutaonana tena'.

The mother of one says even watching her late father struggle through illness was one of her lowest moments in life.


"After God gave him a bonus of five years, which was a miracle, the pillar of my life was gone," she said.

“I came back to Kenya to what would be one of the most trying times of my life. My dad was so unwell. It shook me to the core, seeing him in such a state.”

Kambua went on to explain how tough it was for her the first years when he died. She could not concentrate well on her career and her presenter job.


Her health was also affected. "It was a very tough year for me, in my music and being on TV. I felt like I was losing a bit of him every day," she said.

When he was in ICU, I would go see him in the hospital then dash to studio, do the Kubamba show, then go back to hospital. It took quite a toll on me, even on my health."

When her father finally rested, Kambua felt like a switch had gone off in her life and even in her creativity.

She did not have the desire to continue singing. "I continued doing TV coz it was my job and I had to show up. I would try to create music but nothing would happen," she said.

"I don't know how God did it, but he slowly started to lift the darkness away from my heart."


That is how her song 'Tutaonana Tena' was born. "I was reminded that those who die in Christ will be reunited. I wrote it because there was hope. The song has helped and touched people who are walking in that path," she said.

Kambua says her dad taught many things she is applying today.


"He told me to keep trying. To just ask what I don't know. He taught to be hungry and to have a true love for music," she said.

Kambua has a new album, 'Anatimiza', which she says she did because she waited for a child for a very long time.