Daddy Own tells Christians to return to God

No human has an answer to any problem, he says

In Summary

• People have always been busy and ended up 'not spending quality time' praising God

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

Gospel singer Daddy Owen says his new song 'Narejea Kwako' is a call for Christians to go back to God.

Speaking to Word Is, Owen said it is a song to praise God and urge all Christians to go back to the first love, which is Jesus Christ.

"We need to call on God during these trying times. And through our prayers, God will hear us and heal our nations," he said.


He says the pandemic season has created more time with God. "It's like I was not doing enough as a born-again Christian, but now I spend most of the time learning, listening to His word, praying and even fasting," Owen said.

He said most people have always had busy schedules and ended up not spending quality time praising God.

"It's time for guys to have a relationship with God as no human has an answer to any problem," he said.