Size 8 no longer bothered whenever haters troll her

She won't lose sleep over it yet 'God has taken me through valleys and mountains'

In Summary

• She has come to expect it every time she does something out of the norm

Size 8
Size 8

Gospel singer Size 8 says surviving several health scares has helped her develop a thick skin when handling trolls.

Size 8 is not new to social media criticism, and in a recent interview with Word Is, she said it is normal nowadays for her to be criticised.

"Especially when you do something out of the norm, it becomes an obvious thing for your haters," she said. 


"But if you manage to fight for your life, these other things can never bring you down. Ati you lack sleep because of trolls and God has taken you through thick valleys and mountains."

For example, when she released the song 'High Bila Ndom' with Masterpiece, fans expressed their disappointment, saying her music has always inspired and touched people.

They referred to the hit as a joke.

Wangui Waruguru said the bling worn by the artistes is unchristian. "Say am judging it's okay but this is just [not] a religious song," she commented.

"This is no gospel. It is just a secular song dressed in gospel lyrics. So so worldly. If an unbeliever listens to this, can it transform him from darkness into light?? This is a joke!! Such a disappointment. This is a Camouflage." 

According to Size 8, people's opinions are not so valued. "Also as Christians, you do not please people. They are no longer a bother. Right now, I am more concerned about my children and my health," she said.

Size 8 has been in and out of the hospital fighting for her health. She recently revealed that it is the reason she had to close one of her businesses to concentrate on her health.

"I released it to someone else since I realised I could not manage it. My son was born at 34 weeks, and so I just wanted to focus on his health," she said.