My daughters are upset about chores, says Wahu

Singer defends her tough stance, saying she is teaching them responsibility

In Summary

• The house help had to travel and so everyone has to do chores

Wahu, Nameless and their two daughters
Wahu, Nameless and their two daughters

Gospel singer Wahu says her daughters do not like her during this corona pandemic.

Speaking to Word Is, the mother of two said her daughters are upset because she is the teacher and the house chores are the reasons they are not happy.

"My house help had to travel and so everyone has to do chores. So they are not happy with me, of course, because I'm the implementor of those chores," she said.

Wahu says as the mother, she has come up with a plan where everyone has to do chores after waking up.

"Then we have to do school together and now they don't like me, but it's life."

Speaking as a mother, Wahu said sometimes, one needs to be a parent to children and not popular.

"I am no longer popular in the house with them, which is fine as some things are God-given responsibilities so that by the time they are women, they will not blame me for not teaching them," she said.


Before the pandemic, Wahu says she would only come home in the evening, have a cool talk together, no chores, but right now it's real life.

"We are spending some good time, we do dance exercise together at 6pm, so there is also the fun side," she said.

"I am enjoying hanging around with my kids. We upset each other, we make up and then we come up with a review every day." 

During this period, Wahu says she has realised that being away from home and coming at the end of the day, there are lessons she is now enjoying teaching her daughters.

"I have more time with them in the kitchen and cooking more. I've told them it's like a normal school day, so no TV during the week, no phones, so they are being creative on what to do," she said.

Another thing she is teaching them is the games she used to do as a child, trying new recipes and even just talking.

"Like I was telling my daughter, I could clean our whole house and even cook at her age, and so when I tell them to do one, two, three, I don't feel like I'm punishing them, they are up to the task," she said.