Mercy Masika treats fans to 'Zaidi' album

She was 'overwhelmed and greatly touched' by fans watching and supporting her

In Summary

• She launched it on Instagram after a chat with fans alongside her daughter

Mercy Masika
Mercy Masika
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Gospel singer Mercy Masika has a new album, titled 'Zaidi'. She launched it to her fans on Sunday evening on Instagram.

"Glad to be able to express my love on the day I was born. I pray you greatly enjoy this experience," she said.

Before the launch, Masika, together with her 10-year-old daughter Ranise, engaged directly with her fans online.

"The album is all about getting closer to God and knowing him. Music speaks what you can't speak in words, so for me, this album is a repetition of what my heart is saying about God and getting closer to Him," she said about the 11-track album.

With a full live band, she sang song after song from the new album. The first title in the album is in Kamba, while the rest are in English and Kiswahili.