Be good to people, Teacher Wanjiku tells daughter

She shared images of Nicole, reminiscing the past

In Summary

• Comedian had kept her firstborn daughter off the camera until last year

Teacher Wanjiku
Teacher Wanjiku

Comedian Teacher Wanjiku celebrated her firstborn daughter by opening her an Instagram account.

Her daughter Nicole, turned 17 years old and finally got the chance to experience social media platform Instagram, which was one of the promises made for her birthday by her mum.

The comedian also shared images of Nicole, reminiscing the past and expressing how proud she was of how far her little girl has come.


She then advised her to create her path, be good to people and be responsible while at it.

"Today, I am a very happy mother, my baby who is not a baby anymore just turned 17 years today. What a young pretty lady you have turned out to be. We love and appreciate you, as you officially join Instagram today," she wrote.

"I must admit I have done well. You look so pretty."