I was not ready to be a mother, says Tanasha

She was not on any birth control but was still shocked to get pregnant

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• The relationship started having issues six months before they parted ways

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna has opened up about her failed relationship with WCB boss Diamond Platnumz. In an Instagram Live interview, Tanasha said she was not ready to be a mother.

The mother of one says she was not in love at first but things happened very fast after meeting Diamond.

"I liked his energy and his vibe but I was not in love. Then all of a sudden he wanted to marry me. This was after three months of dating. Then a date was set for February," Tanasha said, adding she wanted to take the time to know each other.


Tanasha hooked up with Diamond three months after she broke up with her ex-lover.

Sooner than later, she was convinced he was her dream man. "It did feel like genuine love. I hope my feelings were not wrong," she said.

Tanasha would then spend most of her weekends with Diamond's family and before she knew it, she was pregnant for him. "I was in shock. I was not ready to be a mum. I know I wasn’t being responsible because I wasn’t on any birth control," she said.

"It did cross my mind that I could if I wanted to, get rid of the pregnancy, but I could not go through with it."

The public only came to learn about the pregnancy two months before she delivered. "I would edit the photos to hide my pregnancy. I was going through so much with the media. And was realising that this comes with it. I had to come to terms with life in the limelight," she said.

Tanasha accused her baby daddy of infidelity, adding that she had to leave for the sake of her son and her mental health. She explained the relationship started having issues six months before they parted ways.

For the last six months, the two were trying to see how they could work it out, but Diamond had lost interest. "Not because of anything emotional, I would say it is not living up to certain expectations he had in the relationship," she said.

Tanasha says she is now focused on her son and music career.

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