Two celebs in a marriage bad for artistes, says DNG

Pride breeds disrespect in the relationship, says DNG

In Summary

• Star urges musicians to emulate Bien and marry someone outside celebrity

Emcee and hype master DNG.
Emcee and hype master DNG.
Image: DNG

Media personality and musician DNG has advised artistes to marry someone not in the limelight. He says most celebrities end up single because of marrying superstars.

Speaking to Word Is yesterday, DNG said pride comes along because both parties feel they are both stars and getting the same attention, so disrespect comes in.

"You better hook up with someone who is not a star, or someone who is not an A-list celebrity," he said.


DNG said Bien did the right thing by marrying Chiki, who is not in the music industry.

"Apart from Nameless and Wahu, who else is in the same industry and their marriage has stood strong? For them it's because when they hooked up, Wahu was a dancer," he said.

DNG said others marry because they are attracted to famous people. "That is marrying for the wrong reason," he said.

He advised Nyashinski not to allow his wife to venture anywhere in his music.

DNG said it's a trap when an artiste sings with their better half, and in most cases, the relationships never last after that.

“Nyashinski, do not do any song with the person you are married to, it’s a trap. Let her stay away from the trend,” DNG said.

DNG concluded that Kenyan artistes are cursed when it comes to relationships.

“We are unable to contain and sustain one partner and it's male and female, si maboy tu,” he said.