Mdundo rallies music companies against piracy

It has invited established music companies in Africa to endorse the initiative

In Summary

• It's leading drive to remove illegally hosted African songs from websites worldwide

Mdundo logo
Mdundo logo
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Mdundo has initiated a partnership with anti-piracy specialist AudioLock to remove illegally hosted African songs from websites across the world.

As of Friday, 289,772 links had been removed from Google Search. Illegal websites are the main source of music content across sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for approximately 6 billion downloads every year. This generates millions in revenues for illegal websites every year, none of which goes to the rightful owners.


Distributing music on a website without licensing the music from the copyright owner is an infringement of copyright and against the law. It is not helping or promoting the rights owner of the recording, or the African musicians whose talent and hard work goes unrewarded.

Mdundo has invited any established and legal music company in Africa to endorse the initiative. "We are proud to be working with music companies throughout the music supply chain, including competitors, record labels, publishing companies, distributors, artiste associations, government organisations and many more," it said in a statement.