My son must know his dad neglected him, says Bridget

Kept all the evidence, will let son decide for himself what to take in.

In Summary
  • He asked her to abort when she was three months pregnant.
  • Now he, and his family, are back. Grandpa adores Baby Sekani, they video chat.
Actress Bridget Achieng and Baby Sekani.
Actress Bridget Achieng and Baby Sekani.
Image: Courtesy

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng will tell her son that his Nigerian father neglected him.

Speaking on Citizen TV, the mother of one said she had a difficult pregnancy. To make matters worse, her mother was sick. “I was pregnant and he was OK with it [at first] but three months later he asked me to abort. I refused,” she said.

Bridget said she wanted a baby before she was 30 so she decided to keep the child, whether his dad wanted him or not. “That is why I decided to speak about it so I could try to heal,” she said.

Bridget is raising her son, Sekani, alone. She said the man is back in her life, together with his family.

“Sekani is very tight with his grandfather and they even video call but I am very petty,” she said.

“I have kept for Sekani all the evidence of how his dad neglected him, it will be upon him to decide what to take in.”

Sekani turned one last week. “I want the best for my son as he is my best friend,” Bridget said.