Avril and Naiboi settle music beef

They fell out in 2018, when Avril refused to feature in Naiboi's '2in1' song

In Summary

• Duo exchanged flattering posts on social media after previous fireworks

Naiboi and Avril
Naiboi and Avril
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Avril and Naiboi seem to have ended their beef and are ready to work together.

The two artistes have not been seeing eye to eye and their beef originated back in 2018, when Avril refused to feature in his '2in1' song.

Explaining her absence, Avril told Word Is, "I couldn't. I was unfortunately in hospital. Didn't feel like getting into it with him. Let people do what they gotta do," she said.

The beef escalated to 2020, and in January, they exchanged bitter words online.

After Naiboi posted saying he wouldn't collaborate with her, she commented, "Dude, kwani nilibreak heart yako aje? Tweny Twenty haitaki makasiriko za 2018, holding on for two years? Gaai, I would hate to be your chic. Forgive and forget."

Well, on Tuesday, Avril shared a photo of Naiboi on her page, thirsting over him.

"Ahem. Goodmorning fam. #HeCanGetItTho #LadiesWhereYouAt #DarkChocolateIsHealthyRight #OkayBye," she captioned the pic above.

The '2in1' hit singer, on the other hand, shared a short video clip with Avril’s 'Chokoza' song playing in the background and tagged her.

Fans are speculating they are working on a collabo.


Ben Kaga said, "Hii ni collabo inakuja, Naiboi cheza na rieng."