Pray for my daughter Jay, says Tedd Josiah

Jay lost her mother Regina Katar in October 2017

In Summary

• He fears he will have a hard time explaining to her where the mother is

Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
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Music producer and businessman Tedd Josiah has requested Kenyans to pray for his daughter Jay Jay.

Jay lost her mother Regina Katar in October 2017, leaving her three months in the hands of her father.

Speaking to Word Is on Wednesday, Tedd says losing a mother is not always easy and sometimes he fears he will have a hard time explaining to her where the mum is.

"She is going to be more of a lady and she is going to meet her friends in school, where she will wonder why she does not have a mum. It will be tough to explain. Also, you know mothers come with wisdom that fathers do not have," he said.

Jay is now two and a half years old. Tedd says he now feels like she is not supposed to grow. "You feel like you are losing your baby. When they grow up, they want to even stop hanging out with you," he said.

He says her daughter sometimes wakes up and makes up her mind on the things she wants and others she does not want. He, however, says the best part is that he can sleep throughout the night. "It was rough before because I used to wake up at least two or three times at night. It was rough," he said.

His advice to other fathers is to get involved in their children's growth. "If it means sitting on the floor with them, do it. And with that, we will raise a better generation. Most of us learn from our fathers, so that is why when you have an aggressive father you become aggressive and so on."

Tedd runs a business, Jokajok, an African luxury leather bag line that he says is not a side hustle but a means of income to feed his baby and create jobs for able Kenyans. This is also to keep his wife's dream alive.

"Three days before Regina passed on, she announced she was going back into her fashion business, and she was a great designer who made the items she designed like bags," he said.