My ex left me because I was broke, says Njugush

She also told him he is 'headed nowhere'

In Summary

• It hurt him so much because it took him time to heal

Njugush and wife Celestine
Njugush and wife Celestine
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Comedian Njugush says his ex left him because he did not have money. Hosted by Dr King'ori together with his wife Celestine, the power couple reminisced how they met.

Celestine said they became friends because both of them were from bad relationships.

Njugush said, "I'm sure they are watching us today because they said bad things about me," adding that he is grateful they broke up.


The comedian explained the context of his breakup. "There are people in this life that speak things that they don't know what they mean. When someone tells you that you are not headed anywhere in future. We broke up because of money, I had nothing at the moment," he said.

"I mean, those were tender ages and I blame her because you can't judge a chick for not having wings yet it's not yet a chicken."

Njugush said it hurt him so much because it took him time to heal. Moreover, he is now one of the richest comedians in town.

Although many see them as a power couple, his wife Celestine said they have had their ups and downs.

"We have never broken up but we many times get tired of each other and wish to take a break," she said.

"We kosana a lot but I have never left our marriage because I realise the break is not helping at all. We have arguments a lot, even in marriage."

Njugush and his wife will have a stand-up comedy on Valentine's Day at Garden City, called 'Through Thick and Thin'.