I was scared, baby did not cry, says Njambi

She was in labour for 12 hours before delivering

In Summary

• She accidentally blocked her baby from coming out

Actress Njambi
Actress Njambi
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Actress Njambi of 'Real House Helps of Kawangware' says the scariest thing in her life was after her second child did not cry immediately after he was born.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Njambi narrates how tough it was for her in the labour ward.

Njambi was in labour for 12 hours and God blessed her with a bouncing baby boy.


"I had pushed the baby and got tired and relaxed, without knowing I had blocked the kid from coming out. When he came out, he didn’t cry. I started crying, asking myself what had happened to him," she said.

For five minutes he wasn’t responding to anything, and that was the scariest part of my life. I started imagining I’ve pushed my 3.65kg baby then," she said.

She also recounted how the doctor broke her amniotic fluid and even after she opened up to 10cm, the baby wasn’t coming out, yet the passage was clear.

"From 1am to 2am I cried, removed my clothes and pulled my hair. The things I saw at the labour ward!" she said.

On this day Baby Reign was born.