Wyre and Hassan Gantaal team up in 'Asluubta'

They recorded the song under one hour.

In Summary

• 'Collaborations enable artists to penetrate and cross over to each other’s audiences.'

Hassan Gantaal
Hassan Gantaal
Image: Courtesy

Dancehall artiste Wyre and Hassan Gantaal have linked up to collaborate in a song called Asluubta, which means good character. They will launch it at the weekend.

“The song is about a beautiful lady with high moral [standands] and [who is] highly intelligent. That’s what I find attractive,” Gantaal said on Wednesday. The 26-year-old won best male artist of the year 2018 at the Somali Glamour Awards.

“Both Wyre and Hassan were happy to work together, as collaborations enable artists to penetrate and cross over to each other’s audiences and in the process increase their fan base and visibility that they would not initially have had access to,” a Nganya Records representative said.

“Wyre was happy to work with Hassan and when they first met at the studio within one hour they had the song Asluubta.” 

Gantaal will perform in Mombasa on December 7 and has a Europe tour scheduled for 2020. He has performed in various cities in the world, among them Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Mogadishu, Jigjiga and Nairobi.