Our relationship troubles not a stunt, says Rayvanny

'When I release the music, my fans receive it well.'

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  • He has a son with fashionista Fahima.
Rayvanny and Fahima
Rayvanny and Fahima
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Tanzanian singer Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahima are not faking relationship problems to push his music.

The WCB singer has been linked to video vixen Nana, who features in his new song I Love You.

“I don’t know anything to do with stunts. I’m living my life. When I release the music, my fans receive it well,” he said on Tuesday.


“Since I started, I don’t do anything like a publicity stunt. I’m not here for the stunts. Whatever you saw, that’s how it is.”

The Kwetu hitmaker praised Nana for working with him, despite the tough circumstances. “Nana and I are not in a relationship. She is in a relationship that she respects so much,” Rayvanny told Wasafi Media.

“I thank her for shooting the video with me. The video is nice because it is real and romantic. I wanted it to be the way it is.”

Speaking about the issue last week, Nana said she was not a homewrecker and that she is in a serious relationship

“I heard that Fahima had shared a post about me. I was just doing my work and nothing else. I have had a headache since that issue occurred,” she said.

“We took many photos and that was part of my job. Rayvanny and I are just friends, there is no romantic relationship.

“I am in a public relationship with my boyfriend so I cannot do stupid things because we’ve been together for three to four years now.”


Rayvanny has a son with fashionista Fahima. In a recent post shared by the singer, Fahima had sent him a text telling him to consider them dead to him.