Visuals, booking ease influence travellers — study

Travelport carried out research of 23,000 travellers across the world, including 500 Kenyans

In Summary

• Kenyans are big on videos, photos and excellent customer service

Technology company Travelport carried out research of 23,000 travellers across the world, including 500 Kenyans.

They found out that when researching a trip, 38 per cent of Kenyan travellers ‘nearly always’ review videos and photos posted by travel brands on social media.


 Three-quarters of Kenyan travellers today consider it important whether an airline offers a good digital experience when booking a flight, with a similar number also considering this when choosing accommodation.

“Kenyans want an experience from travel providers and travel agents that is as simple and engaging and founded on excellent customer service,” Travelport Kenya director Nita Nagi said.

"Our global research shows that for Kenyans, technology is key to this, from serving relevant and personalised offers to providing attractive propositions from trusted sources. At Travelport, we will continue to accelerate developments in all these areas, and more, to help the industry keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of the modern traveller."