Andrew Kibe admits to being battered by woman

The man in this country is under siege, he says

In Summary

• He says men sound crazy when they say they have been battered

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe
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Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe says men who are being battered by women aren't speaking up enough.

He opened up about his own experience. "There was a time I was with this chick and we were having a heated argument," he said.  

"Please note at this time, we were just using our mouths. She says she wants to go sit in the car. I tell her to chill for the story to be over then we leave. She tries to grab the keys from my pocket and I tell her to chill, and now she tries to forcefully get the keys from my pocket, and I hold her hand, telling her to chill.

"This chick grabs a shoe and throws it at me. I go in for the grab again and tell her to relax. She took a bite at my chest. I have a mark till today and it happened years ago," he said on Monday morning.

He went on to explain why men aren't believed when they expose women who physically abuse them.

“But the story is this, all that was not seen but my reaction to the bite. The man in this country is under siege and he cannot speak of himself being battered. It does not matter how much I complain and no one is going to listen to me. Nobody believed me because I sounded like a crazy person,” he said. 

"This is something that goes on because I know friends who go through the same. And to make it worse, there are worse stories but they cannot come out. It hurts more because if she screams, you are the one who is inflicting pain in the woman."