Sauti Sol 'fight' for respect at festival

Savara denies the clip featuring Khaligraph was a publicity stunt

In Summary

• Tired of being dissed, they 'taught Khaligraph a lesson' at Oktobafest

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol
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Over the weekend, a short clip went viral, showing Sauti Sol's Bien and Khaligraph Jones fighting during Oktobafest rehearsal.

Savara told Word is that, “For the longest time, Khaligraph has been taking our warning to him to stop dissing us as a joke. We had to teach him a lesson so he knows not to repeat the mistake. Now he knows to respect us.”


Savara added, “Anaongea sana kwa mtandao ikabidi hapo tuende kwenye ground vitu tofauti [he issues threats to us on social media so we showed him how things are different in reality].”

Asked if that fiasco is just a publicity stunt to push a new music project, Savara said they have no song or project with Khaligraph.

“We are not working on a song but there will be a big event this December with him," he said.